• Hands-On Training:

    • Paint correction: Using various compounds and polishes.
    • Surface preparation: Cleaning and ensuring dust and oil removal.
    • Application process: Applying coatings on different surfaces.
    • Addressing mistakes during application.
    • Follow-up washing and maintenance services.
  • Supply Kit:

    Supplies available upon successful completion of training course.

  • Classroom Training:

    • Fundamentals: Definition and working principles.
    • Hardness ratings: Significance in assessing protective capabilities.
    • Selling ceramic coating & paint correction services: Highlighting features and benefits.
    • Items needed and necessary prep work: Washing and paint decontamination.
    • Formulating pricing and estimates for services.
      Educating customers and upselling techniques.
    • Maintenance plans for customers.
      Realistic expectations of ceramic protection and debunking misconceptions.