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Gloss Masters Hawaii

Gloss Masters Hawaii Glass & Chrome

Gloss Masters Hawaii Glass & Chrome

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Product Description

Glass & Chrome polish is an extremely simple and time-saving formula. On glass, it will help remove stubborn water spots while preparing your glass for application. On Chrome, it will help to remove oxidation, rust, over-spray as well as slight imperfections from the surface. Glass & Chrome Polish can be used by hand as well as a buffing machine. 



Apply a small amount to either a microfiber towel, wax application pad or desired buffing pad. Gently work area and allow to dry to a haze. Wipe away with a soft, clean towel. Only a small amount of product is required when using on glass. If you are proceeding with a glass application, it is recommended to use either Glass Cleaner or Panel Prep on the glass to remove any potential residual Glass & Chrome Polish. 

Chrome Application:

Apply a small amount to microfiber towel, wax application pad, or desired buffing pad. Gently work in until contaminants/imperfections dissipate. Wipe off excess product to a shine. 


KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. ALWAYS WEAR PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT. See Safety Data Sheet for further details regarding safe use of this Product

Safety Information

WARNING! May be harmful if swallowed. Causes eye irritation. If medical advice is needed, have product container or label on hand. Keep out of reach of children. Read label before use. PREVENTION: Wash thoroughly after handling. IF SWALLOWED: Immediately call POISON CONTROL CENTER or doctor/physician. Rinse Mouth. IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. If eye irritation persists, get medical advice/attention.

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